SpotLight: Albany, Oregon carousel

Last spring Graham and I went out to Oregon to visit during the winter weather. We plan to move there in about 18 months when Sam heads off to college and Graham can retire. Focusing on the Willamette Valley, we explored a number of towns and discovered this wonderful project that will still be ready for our help when we get there.DSC_0082

A group of people have begun the process to produce a fantastic carousel. Expected to be completed about 4 years from now, it will  contain 52 fantastic creatures. Volunteers from the community are helping with the carving, sanding and painting and a local car dealer is providing the high gloss finish.DSC_0084


Living in a place where a grassroots community activity has caught fire and will produce something for the benefit of all is wonderful.

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12 Responses to SpotLight: Albany, Oregon carousel

  1. janie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful community have always wanted to see the rose garden in Portland

  2. There are so many places to explore in Oregon. We are looking forward to getting there!

  3. paperstew says:

    Thank you for the wonderful spotlight on Albany Oregon! We are fortunate to be situated within quick reach to the coast, mountains and larger communities like Portland & Eugene. The carousel project is fabulous and I hope more people come to visit the workshop & amazing volunteers. Yes, it really is all volunteer based! Albany is also pushing to incorporate more museums in the downtown area! So you might have to come back for another visit! 🙂

  4. We think we will go back to the summer and plan to move from West Virginia after my son graduates from high school June 2013. You’ll see us there helping!!

  5. How stunningly beautiful these pieces are…oh, my.

  6. What a wonderful opportunity in your future.

  7. This was only one of the many wonderful reasons why we want to live in the Willamette Valley!

  8. Thank you for liking my photo blog. My husband and I have a love for travel. We live in Oregon and I saw several posts of when you were in Oregon. On our next adventure, we are hoping to go to New Zealand. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  9. My daughter will be coming home later this spring from a 5 months trip to New Zealand that lasted 2.5 years (also to Australia). She promised me she will write at least captions for a bunch of her photos which I can post then. When are you going to New Zealand?

  10. We’ve been saving for a bit but it will probably be a year before we can go.

  11. Okay then, you will get the benefit of her insight. I know she really enjoyed her time in New Zealand, much more than Australia. She and her husband did the work/trek experience and I can;t wait to really hear her stories beyond what she shared via Skype.

  12. I look forward to reading all about it. It will really make me excited for our trip when we go.

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