SpotLight: Katzingers

The first time I walked into Katzingers about 5 years ago I literally stopped just inside the door. The aromas bombardering my senses brought to mind numerous visits to Katz’s in Lower Manhattan as a kid.  Katzinger’s, however, is not in New York. It is in Columbus, Ohio.

Located on the edge of German Village very close to the downtown area, the deli/restaurant offers amazing breads, cheese, and sandwiches as well as top line teas, oils and vinegars and other yummies. GO!!!!

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8 Responses to SpotLight: Katzingers

  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Next time I am in the States, a visit to the Deli is a must.

  2. Oh, my. This makes me recall the aroma of German deli’s, when I was a child.

    I know that smell, but have never smelled it since.

    I can understand why you stopped at the door. I would have done the same thing.

  3. Whenever we need to head to Columbus we take a cooler so we can make a “buy”, usually approaching $75 by the time we are done…of cheeses and some of the meats or fish. Much of the offerings are familiar from my childhood; most are new to my husband who grew up in Texas, but since he is a chowhound, he has no problem enjoying. One fun thing…when you get a sandwich you can chose which kind of pickle you want from the barrels. Yum.

  4. Malou says:

    Wow, this is my kind of place! I always love delicatessens. Oftentimes, I get so greedy that I end up buying more than what we can eat. Hubby says that my eyes become bigger than my stomach 😉

  5. We sometimes order the large sandwich, eat half there and have the other half for lunch the next day. But sometimes………

  6. theroadchick says:

    Wow, you know I STILL have not been to Katzinger’s even though I’ve heard such great things about it. Now, I know I need to go!

  7. Well, ONLY if you like deli. LOL. It is worth the drive. We live 3 hours away and while we have never planned a Katzinger run by itself, we find ourselves heading to Columbus several times a year and always manage to stop. It’s worth it!!

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