Some misconceptions that got corrected

I grew up in the New York metropolitan area and learned some regional prejudices, as most of us do. It has been my pleasure, since I left New Jersey after college and have lived in other places, to find out that much of what I was told as a child is hogwash.

For example, it ALWAYS rains in Seattle and the Northwest. In February 2010 I joined my husband in Seattle when he attended a professional conference. The Winter Olympics were going on at the time, and my son (at home) urged me to go drive there to buy him a tee shirt. (ha ha silly boy)  One morning, wandering the Pikes Street Market, I called him and told him I could see the Olympics. 

We got the misunderstanding cleared up, to his disappointment, but I was very much enjoying the 70 degree weather and clear skies.

While in elementary school in New Jersey, my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Walker, proudly told us she was from Monongalia County in West Virginia, where the Monongahela River flowed north to Pittsburgh to join the Allegheny and form the Ohio. Away from her hearing, we marveled over a state where the county and the river had names that were close but not quite right…what did that mean about the people there? Were people west of the Delaware River stupid? And here I am, living in West Virginia.

There still is a lot of poverty here and many people seem not to be interested in places outside of their county. And yet, there are plenty of opportunities for education, culture, and industry here.  Marshall University, perhaps known to you from the movie We Are Marshall, has several world class programs that I know close-up including the Music Department and the Forensic Science Department, which continually ranks one of the best in the country. There are numerous programs to bring opportunities into the coal counties and to introduce diversified industry and economic development.

The city of Huntington, declining from its heyday 50 years ago is experiencing a revitalization on a grassroots level, with small shops and programs introduced and becoming more active over the past few years.  People make the difference, when they get involved in something they love and expose others to the activity.

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  1. You have such a fun blog. We like to travel too so I found your posts a lot of fun to read. I agree about misconceptions. Hawaii is not a perfect paradise.

  2. Everyone has their own idea of what feels right to them, hence the concept of a custom trip plan. For some people, Hawaii is perfect. I posted recently about finding the “right” beach environment for you. It seems like this town moves enmasse to Myrtle Beach. I asked one friend why and he said it is like home. Well, that is a different concept of vacation than what I enjoy, but if he likes it, it works for him.

    If you haven;t signed up yet, please do. I write about all kinds of things trying to show how specific a trip plan can include likes and hobbies.

  3. Gus says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your photos and descriptions. Love the concept of custom trips because my tastes have always been pretty offbeat. Almost hate to see you busting the myth about it always raining in the Pacific Northwest. I am so in love with our coastal areas and would hate to see them lose their peace and serenity to too much popularity.

  4. Yeah, custom trips work because you get to see and experience things that are your passion. Like my sister saying she wanted to go to the Louvre, but she NEVER goes to art museums, it debunks the “bucket list” concept as one size fits all. I am eager to get to Oregon…… about 18 months to go before we can head that way!!

  5. Gus says:

    Looking further into your blog, I see you’ve been in my home territory and seen the Washed Ashore folks. You posted the fish they did from the plastic trash gathered on the beach. My Feb 3rd post ( shows their latest bird creation from plastic on the beach. It’s quite a project.

    By the way….. thanks for the “Likes” at my posts. We’ve had some exceptionally gorgeous weather this winter between the storms. Am eager to see how you like settling out here on the Left Coast… will put you on my Google Reader.

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