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Growing up in New Jersey I enjoyed the benefit of living within 45 minutes of Manhattan. My dad took us to see Broadway shows, we made a kazillion trips to museums and historic sites, and visited the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and 1965 a lot…I had my first cup of coffee at the Colombia Pavilion when I was 10 years old, and it takes a good cup of coffee to measure up to that standard. School trips to the Met, Broadway shows and the Statue of Liberty rounded out the group explorations and finally, in high school, my friends and I started heading into the City on our own, without parents. Other stories, for another time.

After college I moved away, and the difference in how that felt lead me to convince my sisters they needed to get away from the stress of big city life as well. When they finally did (and thanked me for pushing them) I lost my free lodging locations. That was poor planning. LOL But I still have friends in New Jersey, so I can stay there and hop on a bus or the train and be in the city within the hour.

The rest of you may not have bedroom connections, and a visit to New York should be on everyone’s agenda at least once. I have two suggestions to make that will help your visit be affordable and fantastic.

Lodging can be pricey. You can use services like Expedia, Orbitz, and more to identify hotels within certain neighborhoods. For example, Expedia’s current list shows several hotels in Manhattan for under $150 a night. The Milford Plaza at Times Square has 3.5 stars with over 1000 reviews posted on Expedia and offers rooms during the week at $99 and on the weekend at $149. That’s a pretty good deal. However, I recently found a special place that is worth your consideration.

Stay the Night is a townhouse located in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood on 93rd Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Close to Central Park and Museum Mile where you can visit the Guggenheim, Cooper Hewitt and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Close to the zoo as well. This could be an ideal base for an exploration of the City.


There are two guestrooms and three suites offered but better than anything else, is an apartment, complete with a kitchen. This permits you to stock up with breakfast and lunch items, reducing your eating costs. The Apartment is on the fourth floor, which is three flights up from the lobby. This is a real New York City one bedroom apartment. It has a queen-size bed in a separate bedroom and a brand new fold out couch in the living room, so it can sleep four people. It has a custom, fully equipped modern kitchen, and a large bathroom with a whirlpool bath. Skylights and big arched windows assure that this apartment is bathed in sunlight all day. A real home away from home, this is a very comfortable option your New York City stay. At $195 per night, it is extremely competitive to any hotel you can find  

Exploring New York can take years. There are plenty of guidebooks to help you identify which landmark you plan to explore in the time you have. I have one glorious suggestion to raise the bar on the quality of your visit. You have read a couple of times in this blog about how my last visit to Paris was enhanced with a private tour guide. The man in Paris has recently started the same service in his home town, New York!

Last year ex-New Yorker, Richard Nahem, is proud to launch Eye Prefer New York Tours. Just as Eye Prefer Paris shows a special side of Paris, Eye Prefer New York tours will show visitors a side of the Big Apple they’ve always dreamed of seeing…and would never see on their own.

EPNY’s clients will experience unique and out of the way shops, important architecture, specialty food stores, and museums & galleries in NYC’s most exciting neighborhoods. Eye Prefer New York is offering tour options for 3 dynamic, downtown areas:

Meat Packing District & West Village Tour

SOHO Shopping Tour


• An authentic New York Jewish gourmet shop & deli with freshly baked bagels, traditional smoked fish, and house-made chopped liver

• New York City’s newest, scenic park, built on an abandoned, elevated railroad track, featuring magnificent views of the Hudson River

• Designer bargains at NY’s headquarters for discounted Fashion, Accessories and Shoes

• A specialty Food Market featuring fresh-caught seafood and lobster, customized cookies and decadent brownies, and award-winning local cheese and wine. Also visit the premier source for professional restaurant and cooking supplies in the city

• Tree-lined rows of land-marked 1930’s red brick townhouses and historic Italianate brownstones from the 1860′s

• The epicenter of international, contemporary furniture and design and NY’s newest art Museums

Tours are tailored to the client’s preference, taste and needs. After booking a tour, you’ll receive a personalized questionnaire to help us customize your tour and guarantee your experience is the very best possible.

Prices start at $195 for a 3-hour walking tour for up to 3 people, each additional person $65

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  1. Thanks….my husband had to go to the city for business which precluded him from staying with our friends in New Jersey. First time I had to search for Manhattan lodging and was amazed at the affordable choices. Yes, rooms are small, as they are in London and Paris and any major city where space is a premium, but clean and adequate and good for the budget! I can’t say enough about teh value of taking a personal tour….when next to the Big Apple I plan on taking advantage of this service!

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