Spot Light : Howard Creek Ranch, California

Years ago, when Dan was still in high school and Sam was 5 years old, I took them on a trip that started in Oakland, California and ended in Portland, Oregon. We first thought we would rent an RV but I was not exactly thrilled with the concept of driving a behemoth at that time and the cost comparison showed a car rental and nightly lodging would be advantageous. In my travel planning I ended up alternating lodging choices to keep the budget happy…we stayed in one fantastic place and then one inexpensive place.

One of our favorite bed and breakfasts that trip was the Howard Creek Ranch located off Highway 101 in Westport, California. In fact, Sam and I had such good memories, we made a repeat visit about 4 years ago with Graham.

Located north of Mendocino about 40 minutes,  Howard Creek Ranch Inn is an historic, 60 acre, ocean front farm.   Bordered by miles of beach and mountains on the beautiful Mendocino Coast, the lodging is provided in the renovated farmhouse and barn in beautiful rustic elegance.  

The Ranch offers farm animals, award winning gardens, fireplaces/wood stoves, a 75 foot swinging foot bridge over Howard Creek, hot tubs, on-site hiking, sauna, and access to a masseuse. The birding is great there also!

Accommodations include cabins, suites and rooms furnished with antiques, large comfortable beds, and handmade quilts with views of the ocean, mountains, creek or gardens. Wireless Internet connection is available for your computer.


I selected this place partially because it would feed the boys well for breakfast, eliminating the need for a midmorning snack.  Breakfast is a hearty farm meal with fresh juice, omelets, bacon, sausage, hot cakes, fried potatoes, grits, and baked apples with granola and whipped cream. Coffee is strong and early. Tea is available anytime.  Vegetarians are gladly accommodated.

The beach is amazing, at both low and high tides…..I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The creek crossing the beach

Low tide

Low tide residents

Pre-breakfast beach inspection took place early, as our bodies were still on eastern time. Despite the need for intense caffeine infusion that early,  Graham has a PhD in Oceanography, so the tide pools were of particular interest.

The Howard Creek Ranch is a place for you to check it out if you are planning a trip to northern California.

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  1. wonderful post and photos

  2. Thanks…love that place and WILL go back a third time!

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