SpotLight: Disney World and Kiddie Travel

This is a FLASHBACK in time…..back to 1997. (I found some old photos so you get to enjoy also!)  My family was in the first year of a medical crisis that ended up lasting ten years and some wonderful friends decided that I already needed a break and offered us a condo for a week in Florida.  At that time, my youngest was about 3 years old…and I promised him we were going to Mickey Mouse’s house. Little did I know that since my last visit to Disney World, a new section had been built that actually had Mickey’s and Minnie’s house!

We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and another day at Epcot.   

One of the best parts of the trip actually took place when we left. We flew Southwest Airlines.  The hats we bought for the kids were too large to pack, so they wore them and the flight attendents asked to wear them for the safety anouncement. Later they told us it was the first time everyone on board the plane actually looked at them!

By the way, Sam does NOT remember his trip to Disney but he really enjoyed it at the time.  So, when you plan a family vacation and have a young child, be willing to let go of the fact that they may not remember it…and if they do, believe that their memory will be completely different from yours.  The important thing is the doing…planning to include them assures of more compliant behavior, but remember to plan in what YOU like. It is important you have a good time and you are also teaching the child that the world does not revolve around them all the time.

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