Handicrafts always seemed to me to be produced either by people who lived so deeply in the woods that they had nothing else to do or they were old and couldn’t get out to do things. I was a lot younger than I am now when I had that idea.

Well, I am older now and now I do crafts so perhaps there is something in my silly theory after all. Recently my husband and I started to produce things made from wood and fabric. I think it will keep him out of trouble when he retires in a few years. *G*

On our drive back from the Cast Iron CookOff we approached another gem here in West Virginia and I suggested we stop. Tamarack is a crafts shop containing the best handmade goods in the state. Items have to be juried to be for sale there and it is like visiting a museum. Come with me and see.   

Cutting board I know I would never USE!!



Fused glass plate

Coat rack

lazy susan

small purse

So much more including music, food products, wine, toys, clothes….what a glorious museum of local craftsmanship…entry is free and it is all for sale.

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  1. Thanks for this post. We stopped here just long enough for a restroom break on our way to Chesapeake Bay. Wish we could have stayed longer to get a better look around. I recognized the structure and name right away and couldn’t wait to see what photos you had to share.

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