Street Art

Have you seen the competitive street art many cities have had?



Different organizations paint an animal and after a season of display, the different cows or pigs or whatever would be auctioned off, raising money for some benefit.

A few days ago I read a blog sent by EyePreferParis about a trip Richard took to the city of  Menton, France.  There he saw some beautiful benches in Fontana Rosa.

This got me thinking how towns could have contests with bench decorating, enhancing seating  as well a beautification. Some towns are already on it.

outside a school

Durango, Texas

Palatine, Illinois

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4 Responses to Street Art

  1. Cool! Love it!

    Heading to NM in few weeks (Albuquerque) My fourth trip – love it so much.

    Ever been there?

  2. Yes, but not for a few years. The last trip we spent a week…had a condo in Ruidoso and went to White Sands and ate the best enchilada in a small restaurant in Alamagordo called an entomatada, went to Lincoln for the re-enactment of the Billy the Kid last escape (my kids enjoyed that) and to see the Smokey the Bear National Forest. Went to a ghost town…hmm, can’t remember the name that was revitalizing as an artist town, ate goat tacos….saw the bats come out of Carlsbad Caverns. The trip had 3 young kids…would be VERY different now. LOL
    Where are you going?

  3. xandimusic says:

    very nice arts! So much thanks for sharing!!

  4. Terre Haute, Indiana, where I work, so far has had colts (because the Indianapolis Colts had their training camp there till recently) and then, little race cars, because of the Indy 500. Then they were auctioned off for charity, so most are gone. The benches would remain part of the streetscape – great idea!

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