Smell the Smoke?

Everyone wins at a barbecue cook-off competition! From the time you enter the area, your nose starts twitching with the aromas. Your mouth is ready to compare the tanginess of the vinegar sauces versus the sweeter concoctions. There’s something for every meat lover.: pork, chicken, beef and even some veggies.  Most festivals also have music and many are fund raisers for a charity.

There are a number of websites that can keep you informed about barbecue festivals and competitions around the United States and worldwide.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  provides a list of competitions by state. This list needs to be updated but by clicking on the provided links, you can get information about the individual events.

BBQBug not only lists events with links to events, but also has a map that shows festivals any given week.


A handy list by month is available on Slashfood‘s BBQ Festivals Around the Country. Also a bit dated, the links work and can update you on the current year.

Serious Seats provides more information with photos. Again, this is last year’s but active links can help you update it. One fallacy he reports is that BBQ seasons starts with the Memphis in May festivities and goes through September, but you will see that there are barbecue competitions every month, with winter events mostly in Arizona and California. So, as you plan your next drive somewhere, check out where you can catch Get going! There is one that starts TODAY!!!!
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