Planning a college road trip — Take TWO

Back on January 4 I posted how planning my son’s spring break visit some colleges is a prime example of a custom planned trip.  Well, as things usually happen, we’ve had some changes.

Two of Sam’s friends now also want to go, which edged my husband out of the car. We COULD take the Forester instead of the Prius, but not only is the relative fuel efficiency a factor, with THREE college seekers there is little time for anything else to be planned. While he is not happy losing out on what at first looked to be a fun trip including him, Graham is pretty philosophical about the trade-offs inherent in not sharing 10 days in a small car with 3 hormonal teens.

We have added 4 new campuses to the plan and will be visiting schools in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York State and Pennsylvania.  Overnights will be somewhere on the way to Vermont, in Burlington, Boston, my sister’s in Connecticut, Syracuse and somewhere in Pennsylvania.

As much as possible, I am trying to find lodging with some kind of breakfast. Lunches will stay loose at this point, most likely happening on or adjacent to campuses.  Evening meals will be more fun as I will strive to find places that support local farms and operate their businesses in sustainable and environmental aware ways. In Boston, however, the guys have requested a trip to Quincy Market so we will see what else I can bring into the mix there.  The choices are varied and if anyone has any suggestions, please send them on.

The route is insane.  There are several factors that do not permit change to a more circular route.  

1-Sam is auditioning for All State Choir and, like any good mom, I am assuming he will succeed. The concert will be the afternoon of the day we want to start to drive north and it will be in another city in West Virginia. If we were leaving from our town we could use an alternative route that would reduce our driving distance about 120 miles.

2-If we headed to the schools in New York State first and then went to Burlington, Vermont, we would use U.S. Highways instead of Interstate Highways, normally a wonderful alternative, but perhaps not the wisest decision in March through the Adirondack Mountains.

3- If we go to Philadelphia from Connecticut we will have the unparalleled experience of the New York Metropolitan area traffic. It may LOOK shorter but not only will the time factor be long, it will be stressful. And I grew up in the area…or maybe it is BECAUSE I grew up in that area, I know better to avoid it.

So…that it what it looks like right now…and I suspect it will change again before we hit the road in March.

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  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    A road trip with three teenage young men, what a great Mom you are!

  2. Yeah, ready for my prize LOL

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