Option for vacation: stay home

One of my loyal readers (thanks TS) recently made a comment that something I had written was unknown to her, although she lived about 30 minutes away.  This reminded me that my dad took us often into New York City to show us many regular and many unusual sights and once said that he had never been to the Statue of Liberty until he took us kids, even though he grew up in Brooklyn.

I have long had a theory that I travel to your region and we pass on the highway as you travel to mine. The concept for a vacation involves the GET AWAY, running from the responsibilities of every day life.

However, that means a higher cost of vacation, and that ends up meaning some people just don’t think they can afford to take one.

So, stay home. Yes, the kitty litter will still need cleaning, but you won’t have to pay for the pet sitter or kennel. Yes, the trash cans still need to be put out and brought back in, but that only takes a few minutes. Get over it.

Stay home. But don’t just sit there watching the idiot box. Plan to explore your own town as you would mine, if you came here. Check out those sites that tourists see when they go there! Go to the art museum you never had time to visit. Catch a foreign film at that little art theater downtown. Take a cooking class at the culinary school. Go to the pottery place and paint a bowl. (At least here you have an advantage since it takes some time to fire it and you usually go back a week later for the pick up.) Go ice skating or bowling or to putt-putt mini-golf. Take a walk through your local woods. Go to a local historic site. And yes, plan some relaxation time too. That proverbial hammock calls. 

And if you can’t figure it all out, I can help. *G*

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3 Responses to Option for vacation: stay home

  1. Maybe other readers could ask you about certain towns that they are either planning to visit, or that they live in.

    And, if you have any info – you could write a post about it.

    Just a thought 😉

  2. Sure, I’m open to all ideas. A lot of information is already available online at visitor bureau websites. However, the concept of custom trip planning would be to take YOUR interests and find activities in the location you are visiting. A trip planned for me in that town could look very different from one I would plan for you.

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