Go Visit Superman



No matter what age we are, we grew up with some version of Superman. Mine was George Reeves, black and white on tv. But I sure enjoyed the Christopher Reeves movies, too, maybe more.

Because we desire a hero, for bad guys to get what they deserve, to keep our society in line with the concepts of truth and justice and the American way of freedoms, we are continually drawn to super heroes. 
The town of Metropolis, Illinois is located on the Ohio River just off I-24, a few miles north of Paducah, Kentucky.  The town had plans to build an amusement park with a superhero theme but the economy squashed that concept in the 1970s.

However,  a 15-foot tall statue was erected in the town square in 1983 and 1993 saw the arrival of a casino. So the economy is driven by tourist activity and it is a cute little town to visit.   I think that Sam’s clinginess had more to do with the COLD than any concern that he was in jeopardy of being punished by the Man of Steel.

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