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Eye Prefer Paris: Autolib 

Posted: 03 Jan 2012 09:03 PM PST
With the phenomenal success of the Velib public bicycle system introduced in 2007, Paris has now introduced the car version,Autolib. The set up is similar: you apply for a day, week or year pass at the automatic kiosks around the city, where you will need your drivers license, a valid form of identification (passport or national identity card) and a credit card. During a videoconference with one of their representatives, you identify yourself and chose the subscription you want. (Insurance is included). Your transaction will be validated and the kiosk will print a personal badge, which will give you access to the Autolib service. You can then take out a car at any of the 250 rental stations around the city. Once you are done, you return the car to any of the other stations and connect it to a recharging station.Best of all, the cars are electric and have no fumes or make any noise. The overall goal is that with 3000 Autolibs on the streets, it will eliminate 22,000 gas-powered cars, meaning less pollution and traffic. A French or international drivers license is required to use the service. The rate for a day card is 10 euros, week card 15 euros, and the yearly card 144 euros. The first 30 minutes ranges from 5 to 7 euros depending on what type of pass you buy, the second 30 minutes ranges 4 to 6 euros, and each additional 30 minutes after that ranges 6 to 8 euros.
And while it might not be surprising that a large city like Paris sees and acts on the benefits of a car sharing program, this Monday, here in Podunk, West Virginia, Marshall University started a similar program with two cars parked in one of the campus lots.
The program is called WeCar, an initiative spearheaded nationally by Enterprise Rent-A-Car and enhanced with a student coordinator on campus.  University officials hope that providing a low-cost car rental program will save students money and lead them to leave their vehicles at home.  

An annual fee of $35 is returned at the time of rental. Rentals are $8-10 per hour, $35-$40 overnight, or $56-65 for the weekend.  Members over 21 years of age can also get the same rates at a local Enterprise location.


So what does this mean for the traveler arriving in a city and hoping to jump on board a local rideshare or low-rental program? Not a thing. Residency requirements and school enrollment are mandatory. But I wanted you to know….the world is greening.

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