Dan in the Desert heading back to Oregon

Dan came back east for the holidays and then headed back to Oregon. Here are some photos from Arizona and California.

In Mesa, AZ this large Orange tree grove in a city park had lots of ripe ones. Didn't see any signs so ate about 7-8 (fairly small) until I saw the $200 fine sign.

From salt river's riverbed. Some cattails in foreground. Saguaros behind.

Like entering a different planet. Cholla area in Joshua Tree National Park, California

Apparently each needle has lots of tiny barbs. Got one stuck to my sandal (noticed when it flopped onto my foot, but didn't go in). Hard to take off with a stick. Definitely says "watch the heck out"

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  1. We just got back from a cactus planet (Tucson)

    Unbelievable…miles and miles and miles of it.

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