Planning a college road trip

Talk about customizing a trip! This March during Spring Break we will be taking a road trip to view some colleges that are on the “maybe” list.

Sam’s goal is to get a sense of what each school offers, including academics and opportunities for internships and job, the running program and his chances of being on the team, dorms and how they match his idea of what will be comfortable, and a sense of who is there and how fun it may be.

As his mom, I want to make sure the school will give him a chance for a good education with good interaction between faculty and students, diversity of activities and population for more interesting discussions and exploration of the world, and safety. I also want to find out something interesting and fun about each town so there can be a sense of excitement about going back there if they accept him and he decides on them. 

Graham is primarily focused on the academia, being a college professor himself. But he also wants to see if we can stop at any wineries along the way.  I have already reminded him this has to take a lower priority than a family vacation would provide.

We will bring along one of Sam’s friends, a guy who has not visited any colleges yet nor has he been to New England. His parents recognize the merit in getting a comparison experience under his belt for their own heavy duty trip scheduled for the summer.

So, a diverse group of wants and needs. That is what makes custom trip planning so challenging and rewarding!

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