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It’s funny but true….we travel far and are thrilled to enjoy a concert of a local band, but rarely share news about our own town.  Local musical talent is everywhere. When I lived in Nashville, the talent was amazing with the “wannabes” who performed at Sam’s elementary school Parent Talent Night.

Imagine talent that has evolved over 40 years with the twang of Appalachian roots and interpretation of classic standards and you may be able to begin to enjoy what we heard last night as a local band celebrated its recent CD release with a party in our neighborhood.

Back in 1937 the Ohio River had a terrible flood, 19 feet above normal, and people in Huntington, West Virginia STILL are talking about it.

When Charlie Bowen moved to town in the 1970s, several of his neighbors informed him how high the water came in his house.  (Seriously, even we were told when we moved to our new house in 2008, that the water came within feet of the house that used to be here!)

When Charlie, Joe Dobbs and Charlie Bowen, together with Sam St. Clair, Doug Chaffin,  Dave Ball and Jacob Scarr, were on stage for their first gig somewhere in Kentucky back int he 1970s they suddenly realized the group had no name.  Without hesitation, Joe walked to the mike and told the audience: “They call us ‘The 1937 Flood,’ because back in Huntington, they’re still talkin’ about us!”

Check out these clips on YouTube. 





The 1937 Flood includes Joe Dobbs (fiddle), David Peyton (autoharp and kazoo), Charles Bowen (guitar), Doug Chaffin (bass), SamSt. Clair (harmonica), Michelle Walker (vocals), Jacob Scarr (guitar) and Dave “Bub” Ball (guitar).  Guest stars at last night’s concert included Randy Hamilton, Douglas Imbrogno and  Beth McVey.

Audience reaction was very warm and some people got up to dance numerous times.

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  1. Graham — thank you so much. We’re honored that you’d feature the family Flood in your fine blog! — charlie bowen

  2. Charlie, thanks. Graham has been talking about you guys for years and of course, I have met you (buying plants from your wife) and know Sam also. I provide custom trip planning service for people, helping them design a vacation that will fit THEIR hobbies and interests instead of buying a packaged tour or just going to the same old same old every year. My point to include The Flood in the blog was perhaps not fully explained. We travel hither and yon on vacation (and people from there maybe come here) and we take in the local scene as much as possible, reporting on fun things. Few people explore their own town the way they explore other settings. Local music is precious, and The Flood is definitely worth sharing!

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