What makes a memory for you?

What makes a memory?

Perhaps a challenging physical endeavor.        










Or a foreign locale, finding the exotic or interesting.   Or looking for the commonality in the differences between cultures, like ice cream in the grocery store in Dubrovnik.

Or, perhaps it is the people you meet.  Like the Billings on Mt. Desert Island, Maine in 1960 whom we met one morning following camping through a hurricane. We drove out the next day to see the damage and stopped when we noticed a sign for eggs and firewood.

Or Ivo, who worked for years as an engineer on a merchant ship that traveled the seven seas, returning home and taking a job as a ticket taker at one of Dubrovnik’s popular tourist locations, telling us stories about how badly tourists behave when they think no one is watching.

Or Grace Boylan, who early in her life hitched her horses to her wagon and road out into the Wyoming hills with her husband Thomas and dug for fossils. She provided some of the huge dinosaur skeletons on display in New York’s Museum of Natural History.My dad found out a reference to the Fossil Cabin, “the oldest house in the world” which they had built in 1932 from dinosaur bones and other fossils. I was fascinated to hear her stories and for years she served as a vanguard to the wave of women who broke barriers, achieving success in their field.

Memories…….go out and collect them!

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