Snow Country

A couple of summers ago when we flew from London to Dubrovnik, the view of the Alps was awesome.  It reminded me of how amazing the view was from the ground level.  

With no planning ahead, we drove from Salzburg, Austria to Davos, Switzerland (making a wrong turn and ending up going through a tunnel into Italy….and having to pay the toll both ways…..ugh). The road from the highway was amazing.

Along the sides of the road we noticed tall polls. It was easy to determine that they lined the road to help the plows stay on the roadway as the snow got higher and higher.

In Davos we asked at the Visitor Information center about available lodging and were able to find an affordable one bedroom condo. We then tackled the ski slopes…or rather, we took lessons. I had been skiing in New Jersey about 3 times about 10 years before and my ex had never skied at all. So, we took lessons. The instructor was not kind. Or perhaps we were a good butt of his jokes. Suffice it to say we never graduated off the baby slope and yet it was the highest, steepest terrain I ever had the privilege of falling down.

Ahhhh, youth.

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  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Thank you for taking me down memory lane with you.

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