Old Photos

As I work my way through the huge box of slides that I had collected between my family’s trips when I was young and my own trips until the mid 1980s, I am amazed at how many places I can identify. Colorado wheat field.  I am going to guess, since I was in this area again 5 years ago, that this may be along US Route 160 in the southern section of the state. But maybe not.

West Kansas is flat. Note the foreground is out of focus so my mom probably took this while my dad was driving. Surprisingly, it does not have her trademark photo image of the aerial.

The spa at Baden Baden. We wandered here one rainy fall day in 1981 but did not have the chutzpah to go inside and enjoy.

But, there are so many pictures I can NOT identify. 

Some palace in some German city, I think. No idea where. Might not even be in Germany.

Some street demonstration I captured from our hotel window….somewhere in Europe in 1981-1982. I remember there was a general strike when we were in Mons, Belgium but I am not sure this is that event.

We joined a group deep sea fishing in the North Sea (more on that some other time) but it was in the Fall and I don’t think there would be pleasure boats there.

Okay, so the point here??? So many people take lots of photos on their trips and then never do anything with them. How many people still have undeveloped rolls of photos taken on a trip back in the 1980s? How many people take digital shots now and then never edit them, never label them? Uh huh, I’m talking to YOU!

Someday, perhaps in your dotage when you are bored silly and decide it is the time to check them out, you will ponder where and what it all was. Get to it, before the memories slip away. (Yes, they will.)

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