Historic Re-enactment on the Delaware River on Christmas

There are many people involved in reenactments. Civil War is a huge activity in the Southeast. My husband, in his much earlier days, participated in the Society of Creative Anachronism which is a medieval recreation group. Perhaps, as he says, a bit more recreation than re-creation.

When I was young my dad, in his quest to make United States history come alive to us, took us to the Washington Crossing Historic Park one Christmas for the re-enactment of George Washington crossing to the New Jersey side. This was prior to the march to Trenton and the subsequent defeat of the British and Hessian mercenaries billeted there, an event that turned the tide in the colonists’ Revolution against England. The dress rehearsal, done earlier in December to work out any kinks, also offers visitors the opportunity to enter the village houses and see how people lived at the end of the 18th Century. This year the dress rehearsal was on December 11.

However, on Christmas Day the crossing will occur at 1:00 p.m. and is free. If the weather is not good enough for the crossing to happen safely, there will still be speeches and explanations, a wonderful way to gain better understanding of what happened in 1776.

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