The kid hits the road

A million years ago, when I was in the 10th grade, my English teacher assigned us a series of speeches to present. This was not a memorization exercise per se; we had to write the speech as well. One, I remember, was to be persuasive. I don’t think it was her primary intention to teach us how to talk to our parents without whining, but by developing our persuasive style, our salemanship in all things began to mature.

One other speech was a travelogue. I was luckier than most others in my class as my family had been camping around the United States every summer since I had been 3-years-old.  With permission (yeah for persuasive technique) I culled the boxes and boxes of my dad’s slides and presented a round the country trip.

Today, with a new scanner in my husband’s office I was able to convert them to digital format. Beware! you will now get to see me in all my 5- to 14-year-old glory in subsequent blogs.


The Paul Bunyan folk story in American history  made a hero of a lumberjack who, with his giant blue ox Babe, crossed the north woods of this nation.  When you travel anywhere in the northern tier, you can’t help but see signs and statues. 

Looks like I was styling at age 6 with red sneakers to match my red sweater and a la de dah purse. Woo hoo.  But I don’t look particularly impressed and no way am I pointing up to that blue thing. LOL

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