Other interesting structures

I have another business besides custom trip planning; I sell books. I will admit that at times books that come across my desk provide ideas of subjects for this blog. They can be pretty esoteric at times…..like this one.

We went camping from the time I was 3 years old and of course were always overjoyed when the campground had flush toilets. Outhouses were all too often the only convenience provided, particularly in the early years and out of the way places.

Perhaps the only story I will share with you was a visit to the summer home of a Rutgers University professor. His family had a piece of land on a hillside in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts.  The outhouse was located a bit downhill from the cabin and had no door at all, the better to enjoy the view.

Obviously, the U.S, is not the only place where outhouses were in use. And today, any place where plumbing can not be provided, outhouses are one of the options for use.  For example, if you plan to trek in the Himalayas you might enjoy the privacy afforded by an outhouse. 

Some of the Antarctic scientific facilities also come equipped with a modern equivalent. 

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  1. The loos look soo coloorful! 😉

  2. It is fun that some owners have decorated them…for many, they are pure (or maybe not so pure) function.

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