What’s your hobby?

We didn’t have an air conditioned car when I was growing up, but that didn’t stop us from travelling in the summer.  In 1963 we made our first trip to the Southwest. Yeah, it was hot. I fell in love with the adobe buildings then because they were so much cooler inside.

One day we were at a vista point at the Grand Canyon and noticed some kids climbing up a trail. It wasn’t until the parents appear, a bit slower and way behind the kids, that my parents exclaimed with delight. They were a family from our home town that my father knew!

In those days there was no internet so no blogging or Facebook or photo websites. If you wanted to share memories of your vacation you invited people over for a slide show. We took turns and when they came to our house they saw 

Then we went to their house and what I remember most about seeing was

Fences! They made a point in all their travels to take photos of fences! It was the first time I noticed that an interest was used as a focus during travel. Then I realized my father always took us to state Capitol buildings.  (Did you know there are oil derricks on the Oklahoma City Capitol grounds?) And to historic landmarks, like Gettysburg, and Andersonville, and Little Rock High School. 

So, my point? Travel your passion!!!! You will enjoy your trips so much more!!

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  1. What a beautiful article. I, too, remember the sound of the slides moving through the contraption on the projector.

    And, the silence while we all watched those photographs move.

    A good memory, thanks for reminding me of it.

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