Guest Photographer–Laura in Oregon

To my great pleasure my sister Laura showed up in Oregon the last night we were there on our initial “where do we want to live when we retire in a few years” search in March early this year. She was in Oregon for a job interview and clinched the job! It will be nice living near family again when we move west in a couple of years.

She recently shared some photos with me and extended her pleasure to sharing them with you.

Silver Falls State Park is located east of Salem on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains in the temperate rain forest. It is Oregon’s largest state park with about 9,000 acres. 

The Trail of Ten Falls, 8.7 miles long, is a moderate level hike that takes you past ten waterfalls. 

Several have paths that lead behind the falls as well.

Oregon’s coast is a beautiful mixture of sand and majestic rocks.  Seal Rock Recreation Area is located off Highway 101 south of Newport. 

Seaweed washed up at first looks like a mass of snakes!Finally, my sister found a wonderful house, high up but with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. 

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9 Responses to Guest Photographer–Laura in Oregon

  1. Kat says:


  2. Oregon is a gorgeous state!!

  3. cory says:

    and being a native Oregonian … Depending on the time of year drastically changes the look and feel of each of these places.

  4. And the movement of the clouds and the sun peaking through! Can;t wait to get there.

  5. Whoa….beautiful.

    My husband and I are trying to pick our next location on the west end of the country.

    Adding Oregon to the list 😉


  6. Oregon is quite a diverse state with high desert in the eastern part, the magesty of Mt. Hood and the other volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range, the beautiful Willamette Valley (THAT is why the Oregon Trail was so popular!) and the coastal strip with its wonderful beaches and terrific seafood! Great whitewater rafting, wonderful outdoor activities year round, wineries, microbreweries. Add to all that a population that is aware of environmental concerns and lives as eco-friendly as any area in the nation. (Can you tell I am wanting to get there already???)

  7. I want to get there with ya 😉

    Beautiful pics 🙂

  8. I just hope she sticks around until we get there!!!

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