How do you travel?

When I ask friends where they go on vacation I find they fall into three camps:

1-People, like me, who love to travel, enjoy the research as much as the trip.  They feel the research not only enhances the trip experience, but the enjoyment actually starts months before the trip with the planning process!

2-People who use a travel agent or go to a destination that is well known, maybe look up one or two websites and make their reservations. They have a good time but tend to have a story or two related to some annoyance that usually is about some aspect that was not well researched, or a part of the packaged tour that they did not like.

3-People who either go to the same place year after year or never go anywhere at all. The concept of leaving home makes them uncomfortable. They like to know where everything is and not get out of their routine. They have no interest in the unknown, and prefer everything to be like home, taste like home, sound like home.

Most people fall into the second and third groups. The people in the first group often share their stories and people listen, amazed at how wonderful it all sounds.  The people in the second group feel like they wish they could afford such a wonderful trip, never realizing that the costs are similar or even less! The third group doesn’t understand what is such a big deal about going somewhere they don’t know where anything is.

Which group are you in?

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2 Responses to How do you travel?

  1. I fall into number one. Our world is so amazing…but everyone else I know is a #2 and #3!

  2. And there is no way to convince anyone to try it our way……people listen to my stories and actually say…”I wish I could take a trip like that” and when I remind them that I am in the business of helping people plan custom trips, they never take action. C’est domage!

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