Mysterious Places

There are many places around the world that are enigmas…something that still can not be explained, despite extensive scientific research.   Here are a few.

Easter Island is located about 2000 miles from South America and is reachable by air from Papeete, Tahiti or Santaigo, Chili. Called its modern name when Dutch explorer  Jacob Roggeveen encountered the isolated shores on Easter Sunday, 1722, the ancient native name is Te Pito o te Henua (the Navel of the World). Known for its immense stone heads, the history of the island is interesting and a study of the effect caused outsiders’ early visits.  How the stone heads came to be there is not known.

California’s Death Valley National Monument has a dry lake bed known as Racetrack Playa.  Rocks, some weighing several hundred pounds, move across the flat terrain, leaving a long trail behind. The cause of the movement has not been determined.  The wind seems to have an effect but it can not explain the movement completely.

Pennsylvania’s Bucks County is the location of Ringing Rocks Park, where an 8-acre field of boulders sited on the slope of a hillside have melodic properties when tapped with a hammer.

Mount Shasta in northern California is a volcanic peak that has long been considered the location of some unexplained phenomena.

Mysterious unexplained lights are known to appear in many locations, such as Marfa, Texas and Paulding, Michigan. Atmospheric conditions and reflection of headlights are perhaps factors but do not fully explain the appearances.

England’s Stonehenge is perhaps the best known of early megalithic rock formations. There are numerous other stone circles and pillars throughout United Kingdom and in portions of northern France. This photo is of a stone circle in Callendish, Scotland.

Declared an Archaeological World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, Nazca Lines in the Pampas de Jumana region in Peru are best seen from the air. Some of the straight lines are several kilometers long and other lines are in the shapes of animal patterns and geographic figures. Viewing them from the ground does not provide a clear concept of the patterns.

The Cerne Abbas Giant, also known as the “Rude Man” or the “Rude Giant” is a figure that stands 180 ft long and 167 ft wide.  It is carved in the hillside of Cerne Abbas, just north of Dorchester, England.  Another well known earth formation, the Uffington White Horse, is located 1.5 miles due south of Uffington village on the Berkshire downs in Oxfordshire. 

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  1. SkP says:

    Damn – life is just too short to see everything – still have to somehow 🙂

  2. Mount Shasta is actually four volcanic cones all piled up on top of one another.

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