Spotlight on Pizza

Once, on a business trip to Puerto Rico, my work associates and I decided that our evenings would be spent tasting pina coladas in many different places.  That was fun!   Pizza can be one to try all over….I had pizza in Israel in 1972 with the tomato sauce and cheese prepared on pita bread, long before this was a low carb way to present pizza. Crusts here in the US can vary considerably from thin to deep dish, but it was only last February when I had real Chicago deep dish pizza. It was my first trip to the Windy City since 1959 and I actually returned there this past July. I had to repeat the deep dish pizza experience. This is not a pizza you can pick up to eat!

Pizza is an international dish now. Toppings vary considerably from nation to nation, reflecting regional favorites. In Japan, for example, seafood is popular and toppings can include black squid ink sauce, cod roe, tuna, octopus, and seaweed.


Indians like tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. Other toppings include minced mutton, pickled ginger, tofu, and a cottage cheese-like dairy product called paneer. Indians like to top their pizzas with plenty of chili flakes, ketchup, and other condiments.

With a large Italian population, pizza in Brazil has some familiar toppings, but you can also order corn, quail eggs, green peas, shredded carrots, beets, raisins, heart of palm, linguica sausage, guava jam, bananas, chocolate, and catupiry cheese, which is a type of cream cheese. Many pizza eaters in Brazil put ketchup or mustard on their pizzas.


This is an example of how your trips everywhere can begin to be an opportunity to check out one of your favorite dishes. Be open to new toppings and new crust styles…you may very well be surprised and bring the experience home to share with others!

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  1. Kat says:

    A mouthwatering and educational read!

  2. We could have a pizza cook-off…..plan one new international style each week!

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