Travel Pearls: Homemade Walnut Liquor

Last summer, when visiting my friend Carol who has retired to Dubrovnik, Croatia, I noticed a large glass jar of a brown liquid sitting in the sun in her garden. She teased me that Ivo had made some of her favorite walnut liquor and it was too bad it would not be ready before we left.

This summer, as Ivo prepared more of the elixer, Carol took photos of each step.

The first step is to puncture holes in the green outer shell of the walnut.

Simple enough with a kitchen fork.


Sugar is added for sweetness and to help the fermentation process.  

Add grain alcohol or vodka.  They use the local rakija.

Shake well. They put in the sun and wait for 2 months…..after that…enjoy, and try to make it last until more can be made the next summer!


Write to me if you want the recipe…I will TRY to get it from Ivo!

Note to Self: Plan next trip in the early autumn so I can get a taste!

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3 Responses to Travel Pearls: Homemade Walnut Liquor

  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Unfortunately the finished product is long gone, must admit we did enjoy drinking it. Must produce more next spring.

  2. Hmmmmm, so if I plan a return visit one year it should be in August???? Or would you save one bottle to share with me? LOL

  3. Pierotucci says:

    They do this in Italy too – and it is absolutely … man there are no words for it! I love it.

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