Personal movement: Sam ran in his first half marathon

My family shows up in my blog often but I have not ever written about one of their achievements that is not travel related. Well, today Sam earned that right. So bear with me.

When kids are babies you eagerly await their first step. And once they start walking, it seems that running is the next minute. Sam actually began to be interested in long distance running when Graham entered our life when Sam was about 11 years old. He ran in his first 5K without any prep and then continued with minimal preparation—oh for the energy of the young. He started running track in 8th grade and cross-country as a freshman in high school.

Today he ran in his first half marathon. His coach advised him to consider it a training run, not a race, and to maintain a 6:20 mile pace.  Sam kept track of his mile splits and he slipped slower for the last mile…but made it over the finish line before his expected time!! Yea Sam!!

Race time was 7a.m. We got to the start area around 6:30

Before the race, Sam ran out to keep his legs warmed up in the 34 degree temperature.

Sam positioned himself near the front....and very close to the "Hooters Girl" but that was not on purpose. LOL

I moved (by car) to 5 locations to capture his race. This is in a park on the Ohio Riverfront.

Entering the stadium…200 yards to go

Tired and proud, notice the steam rising off Sam. Temp was in the low 40s by this time.

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