Spotlight: Kenova’s Pumpkin House

As seen on national television, the Pumpkin House is located about 10 miles from where I live. Each year, the house and yard of the mayor of this small town is covered with over 3,000 jack-o-lanterns.

Squads of volunteers show up and in only a few days, using jigsaws and templates, the pumpkins are carved to depict faces of the U.S. Presidents, famous locations, cartoon characters, animals and school logos.

One high wall has shelves of pumpkins carved with the shape of musical instruments. The jack-o-lanterns light up in time to the music. The programming is special, with the violin section lit during the time the music is featuring violins, the drums and cymbals light up when you hear them in the music.

The lawn is trampled and traffic is appalling, but people have a holiday spirit and the community joins in the the fun each year.

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