Dan: On the Road-Oregon and Northern California

Dan headed west early in the summer to explore the Pacific Northwest.  See the earlier blog about his drive west.

He recently shared some photos he has taken during the past few months.

View of Mount Shasta in northern California from I-5. A lot of people are drawn to this volcanic mountain which looms high above the surrounding landscape.

Shasta peeking out from behind another mountain. Nope, I don’t want to go back East.

Southwestern Oregon…….No neon, no billboards, no signs of people at all…….wow

Lichen growth on the trees in Southwestern Oregon clearly shows the moisture in the air

Tried visiting Crater Lake again hoping to find less crowd, but I couldn’t find the lake, lol

Hard to describe the size of these huge Redwoods.

I took a ranger guided hike at Redwoods National Park.

Redwoods NP looking inland

Awesome fog on coast of Redwoods NP

Gold Beach, Oregon. The pile of driftwood provides a windbreak for campers.

Walking backwards on the beach to avoid the wind in my face.

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