How To: Enjoy Local Foods

No doubt about it, we like to eat. We are omnivores, willing, for the most part, to try anything. Sometimes it is better not to tell me what it is, though, before I taste it, in order to help me keep an open mind. *G*

When I plan a trip anywhere we make an effort to eat local specialties or foods from the local harvest. Here are some interesting and/or delicious dishes we have eaten in the last few years.

Crab Shack Ritchie Highway Crab cake

On a trip that started in Baltimore and travelled Maryland’s and Virginia’s Eastern Shore our quest was to sample as many crab cakes as possible and see if we could determine which we liked best. We ate in nice places and small dives.   Our favorite was a roadside greasy spoon on Route 2/Ritchie Highway as we left Baltimore heading to the bridge at Annapolis.

Chesapeake Bay crab

We also ordered whole crabs at one place the owner of the B&B told us about that was not a tourist place. Finally, to appreciate the effort, we visited a crab cannery and watched the workers moving at a furious pace.

Red Eats

In the same vein, on our trip to Nova Scotia we tried to eat lobster as often as we could. It started with an overnight at my sister’s house in Connecticut, but progress up into Maine, and on Nova Scotia.

The two best places were Red’s Eats on U.S. Route 1 in Wiscasset, Maine and at a lobster pound outside of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Lobster Pound lunch

We learned about lobstering in Nova Scotia from   who invited us into his home for a kitchen party. (See the blog about Travel Pearls-Kitchen Party)

We deviated from our lobster meals for a wonderful lunch in Digby, which claims to be the sea scallop capital of the world.

Digby Harbor

We also enjoyed a blueberry pancake meal at a maple sugar farm.

Sugar Moon farm blueberry pancakes

Pimm's Punch

Overseas has been quite fun as well, with names of dishes we have read in old English novels finally on our plate, like Bangers and Mash and Toad in a Hole. The latest trip we enjoyed a new other dishes we had read about.

Steak and Ale pie

We were pleasantly surprised by haggis in Oban, Scotland.


On a trip a few years ago we visited the Florian factory in Provence where candy is produced from flowers.

Flowers ready for candy making

Fish Platter

In Croatia we once again enjoyed the fresh fish, and I particularly could not get enough squid while we were there.  We all enjoyed the palachenka, very reminiscent of the crepes in France we had devoured on several trips.


We also enjoy going to restaurants that make an effort to either grow some of the vegetables they serve or obtain them from local farms.  Even our small city has a restaurant, Huntington Prime, that uses local resources for meats, fish, vegetables and breads, and we are proud to supply herbs to them during the growing season.

Try local foods when you travel and shop your local farmers market in season at home.  Support places that provide local foods to you. Not only is the food more nutritious because it is fresher, by supporting local producers you are helping the Slow Food niche grow and reducing the need for transportation fuel to get great food to your table. 
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