Food and Wine: Fresh Seafood

Where we live now is landlocked….miles and miles and miles and miles from any ocean. The seafood that is available here is, for the most part, frozen and fried. It is our great pleasure to enjoy fresh caught seafood prepared in wonderful ways whenever we get to a coastal location. Our trip to Oregon in March was no exception.

Fish tacos at Bonefish in Lincoln City

Salmon prepared at Big River in Corvallis

We enjoyed seafood at lunch and dinner almost every day we were there.

Calamari appetizer at Big River

Following the recommendation of a friend of the owner of the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, we made out way to Local Ocean, down by the harbor. The place is not listed as a restaurant but as a seafood store. It has tables for about 30 people and the chefs working in an open kitchen are skilled at their preparation. We heartily recommend this location for a delectable meal to anyone driving along the Oregon coast.

The seafood in the display case lists the boat that caught it, the time it was caught and the method used. This stuff is FRESH!!!!

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