How To: One way to have a cross country drive-by Dan Garmat

The idea of driving cross country scares a lot of people, but we live in a nation with diverse ecosystems and landforms. There is so much to see and enjoy, so if you ever can take a week or more, please consider that the trip itself is worth the time! Dan is sharing photos from his trip westward from Pittsburgh, to Oregon, where he is considering moving.

Much of the MidWest is pretty flat. This section of the interstate highway in Indiana could be almost anywhere within 500 miles.

Dan’s nightowl tendencies work well with little traffic. Looks like it is time for a stop for gas!

Much of the MidWest is planted in corn. Eastern South Dakota had some more….Dan said it is hard to understand why people are hungry in this country.  

Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota has eerie land formations caused by erosion by water and wind.

Sunset helps the colors show. The Black Hills area of South Dakota has many areas of interest to visit. Dan stopped at Mount Rushmore National Monument, but said none of his photos were any different from a million others, so chose not to share them.

He did stop to see if any progress has been made on the Crazy Horse Monument, but it seems to have stalled at 30% for quite a while now because of funding difficulties.

In northeastern Wyoming, Devil’s Tower National Monument has a strong Native American history. Dan appreciated the Bear Claw name and enjoyed bouldering there.

Dan is camping out as he travels.

The Continental Divide is the high points along the Rocky Mountains that separates water flow. Streams west of the Divide flow into the Pacific Ocean and those on the eastern slope end up in the Atlantic. Dan realized at this stop marks his own consideration to make a move to Oregon from the east coast.

More than anything else along the trip, Dan was looking forward to seeing the Grand Tetons. Here at the dock at Jackson Hole, he enjoyed one more sunset.

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