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Vacation…….fun or boring or horror?

Too many people tell me that they never have any fun on vacation. Or they tell me that year after year they go to the same place, just because it is the place they know. Or they go to a travel agent and sign up for a group tour and the experience generally was okay, but there were things they wouldn’t have bothered with or things they wanted to spend more time seeing but couldn’t because they had turned over the control of the timing of their trip to someone else.

They tell me that they have heard about my family trips and the custom trips I plan for others and say while they sound so much more fun, they expect it costs too much to ask me to help them. When I tell them they can have a dynamite vacation experience for the same price as a ho-hum gosh, wasn’t that an ummm nice vacation they are amazed! Check it out!! Then contact me to plan yours!!

 What is Custom Trip Planning?
After a thoughtful and thorough questionnaire that describes what you and your trip companions enjoy, an intinerary is developed to stay within your budget and includes many activities you anticipate at the location you long for.  You CAN include hobbies and all members of the family CAN enjoy the trip!
Can I afford a customize vacation?
We’re not going to ask you what you earn.  It is the amount you spend that is the key here. Many people spend between $500 for the annual road trip to visit family to over $25,000 for a “once in a lifetime” exciting excursion to some dream destination.  (Some people are lucky to have those kinds of trips more than once.) Annually, families can typically spend between $2000 and $5000 (or more) for their one to two week vacation.  If you typically have these types of expenses, you will be pleased to learn that you can spend the same but have a customized trip, planned just for you!

How can I get your help planning my trip?

Complete and submit the Trip Plan Questionnaire ( in another post).  I will then contact you and we  will have a bit more discussion before I begin to assemble a plan for your trip.

How long will it take you to assemble a plan?
Well, that of course depends on how long your trip will be and how many locations you’d like to visit. Generally, a long weekend trip to one location would take about 3 days.  A three week road trip covering thousands of miles would probably take a week or so to assemble a plan.
Will you make all my reservations for me?

No, I’m not a travel agent, but a trip planner. I will provide you with all the information you need to easily make the reservations yourself. By the way, this means I do not have any confidential information, such as your credit card numbers.

 So, what will you do for me?

When you complete the Trip Plan Questionnaire, you will indicate what it is you want me to do. Most people request that I help them with transportation, lodging, meal and sightseeing information as a beginning.  Many people additionally request information that will make their trip unique and more enjoyable than a packaged tour. I will provide a trip intinerary with location, description of the activity, hours of operation, costs, and any other specific info you would need to fully enjoy the experience. I will also provide a website for you to read through that will contain more information.

 What kinds of trip can you plan?

If you are taking a business trip and want to add on some personal vacation time, I can enhance that experience.  If you are planning to visit a family member once again, I can help you discover some fun activity that will add to the enjoyment.  If you are taking a family vacation with or without kids or seniors, I can provide insight into age and energy appropriate activities.

 What kinds of activities would you include?
When you complete the Trip Plan Questionnaire, you will mark those areas of interest for yourself and other members of your group.  Additionally, when I contact you, we can discuss other activities that may not be included in the list.
How will I receive the information?
Typically, the primary way is to send the information by email. An additional option is for a written trip plan delivered by mail.  This would mean you would not have to print out anything and would have a document to take with you.
What do you charge for planning our trip?
The fee is 10% of your trip budget. If you plan a weekend get-away and budget $1000, your customized trip plan is $100. If you plan a 2-week trip to visit some of the beautiful National Parks in the United States Southwest and budget $5,000, your customized trip plan is $500. Work on your plan begins as soon as payment is completed.

Are there any additional costs?

If you prefer to receive a written Plan that will be mailed to you, instead of just an emailed Plan, an additional fee of $15 will be charged to cover the costs of the materials and mailing.

When do I pay?

After you complete the Trip Plan Questionnaire, I will contact you and we will make sure I understand what you would like to achieve.  Only then will I state a fee and you will go to the Order Form and pay, using PayPal.  By using PayPal, your financial information is not shared with me and your credit card information remains confidential.  You can use a credit card or your PayPal account to process the transaction.

Will the fee change at all when you start to do the planning?

Typically, the fee will remain the percentage of your trip budget, as you have stated it to me. However, if in the course of developing your Custom Trip Plan to include the activites you want, I may determine that your trip budget is not large enough to include all the things you hope to do. At that point, I will stop the Plan and contact you, letting you know. You can either adjust the activities you want included, or you can increase your trip budget and then an additional fee to me will need to be processed.

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